meet our ambassadors

Mayor Jan van Zanen

“It is an honor to welcome the 5th edition of the SingelSwim in Utrecht. As ambassador (and enthusiastic swimmer) I have a warm heart for the SingelSwim and the FSHD foundation. There is no solution for the terrible muscle disease FSHD yet, but thanks to the efforts and participation of all involved, research remains possible. ”

Nicole Voet, rehabilitation doctor

Nicole Voet (Nijmegen, 15 April 1983) is a proud ambassador of the FSHD foundation.

In 2008 she started her training as a rehabilitation doctor, in combination with PhD research into the effect of bicycle training and cognitive behavioral therapy in FSHD. She is now a rehabilitation doctor and a scientific researcher in the muscle disease teams of the rehabilitation center Klimmendaal and the Radboudumc.

Slowing down

Her PhD research showed that training and physical activity have a good effect on the well-being of patients with FSHD and that an increase in the degree of physical activity leads to a slowdown in the deterioration of the condition. Since 2008, Nicole has developed a warm bond with Dutch patients. She has a lot of respect for them enormous perseverance, which she calls "top athletes of daily life". Its mission is to improve the burden of disease for patients with FSHD and to transfer research findings to patients in an understandable way.


Since she was 12, Nicole has been practicing top sport: initially fin swimming, later also triathlon. In 2019 Nicole will swim for the second time with the SingelSwim in Utrecht, this time as “Maasmeermin”.

Nicole: "My main goal in this is to attract large numbers of swimmers, patients and visitors to the canals in Utrecht on 17 June 2019 so that we can fight together for a cure, a treatment and a better life for patients with FSHD. for me the activities that I have a warm heart together again in a unique way! ”

The senate of the USC (Utrechts Studenten Corps)

The senate of the Utrecht Student Corps USC supports the SingelSwim. “The USC is always happy to contribute to our city and society. When we heard about the Singelswim and the charity they are swimming for, we were immediately enthusiastic and we are committed to making a contribution to research into FSHD. ”

Nynke de Waard

Nynke de Waard has been suffering from FSHD since childhood. Due to the progressiveness of the condition, Nynke ends up in a wheelchair at the age of 16 and her facial expressions are seriously affected. Despite the pain and fatigue that FSHD brings, Nynke mainly looks at the possibilities and gets the most out of life. Under the motto "I'd rather have a medicine today than tomorrow", Nynke works as an ambassador wherever possible. She has previously been featured in a broadcast about the SingelSwim in 2015; Nynke was closely involved in the stunt with Ronald Snijders “give FSHD a face” in 2017 and Nynke was one of the portrayed ladies with FSHD in the 15-year issue of Linda Magazine called “PARTY.” She hopes many swimmers will will sign up for the SingelSwim 2019. One thing is certain: Nynke is happy to encourage everyone!


Ronald Snijders:

"It started with a full room of FSHD patients who deliberately remained completely silent with all my jokes and did not leave any muscle. I had never heard of FSHD back then. Now I know that they CANNOT leave a muscle and that they could do so in a playful way Since then I have been an ambassador for FSHD, because although you may not always be able to see it correctly, we all have a good sense of humor, which was once again apparent at Het Lachspierbal in Theater Carré, an unforgettable benefit show in which more than a ton was collected for research. "

Milan Altena

"My name is Milan Altena, I am 14 years old and I have been diagnosed with muscular disease FSHD at the age of five. I have been closely involved with SingelSwim for 5 years now because I have been swimming for several years. Also for the first year of the SingelSwim included an advertising spot to encourage people to join in. This year I will join with my physiotherapist to raise as much money as possible and ensure that there is a medicine come."